How it all began...

Out in the hills one afternoon with my friend and training partner, Veronica tells me how cool she thinks gaiters are for keeping the dirt out whilst out on the trails, but she really can’t get them in Australia, so I enthusiastically volunteered

“I shall make them”.

Having never stitched a thing in my life, I announced cheerfully to my partner once home from the Dandenong ranges, that I had a new business plan.

Luckily he was very encouraging if not a little amused at the same time. I set off buying two sewing machines, some sewing lessons, and meters of fun funky colored lycra (that’s the most fun part!) and so it was RocBloc was born.

Granted it took longer than expected, but I believe the product is now perfect as a result. Believe me I had plenty of time to dedicate to it, due to chronic stress fractures on the left leg, let’s say I was off the trails for some time.

So I like to see RocBloc as the positive outcome from a frustrating injury.

Keep running,
Cathy xo


My running History




Additional Distance*

Total Time

Canberra Marathon 4.9hours 50kms
Great Ocean Road (GOR) 4.4hours 45kms
Williamstown Marathon 4.48hours
Traralgon Marathon 4.36hours
Treadmill 100K 13.45hours
Melbourne Marathon 4.31hours
Dublin Marathon, Ireland 4.27hours
80k Training Run 12hours
Cadbury Marathon (Tasmania) 4.47hours
Oxfam Trail Walker 19.05hours
GOR 2009 4.34hours 45kms
Williamstown Marathon 2009 4.27hours
Melbourne Marathon 20\’09 4.33hours
GOR 2010 4.14hours 45kms
Williamstown Marathon 2010 4.26
You Yangs 50/50 6.54hours

* For events where there is an additional leg with an optional extra distance