People often Ask

  • Q: what are RocBloc used for?

    A: Keeping rocks and dirt out of the backs of your runners, when running, walking, hiking, Playing tennis, hockey, even gardening I am told. Not to mention looking funky! And adding humor to those long training runs and walks and hikes.

  • Q: How do RocBloc work?

    A: Because RocBloc cover the backs of your runners, attached with a piece of Velcro that comes in the pack, they are secure, and basically keeps dirt and stuff out

  • Q: How do I put RocBloc on?

    A: Each pack comes with photo instructions; attach the loose sticky Velcro low down at the very back of your runners. Allow this to stick overnight, before using for the first time, so maximum strength of stickiness is achieved. Pull on each RocBloc over your socks, just as you would a sock. Then place on your runners, tie as you would normally, then attach the metal ring to the top of the shoe lace, or better still if your runner has a little……where the laces begin. Attach the back of the RocBloc to the Velcro on the back of the runner. You’re good to go!

    Also, here’s a handy video that explains how to put them on:

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  • Q: How do I clean my RocBloc?

    A: I recommend you remove the rings, and hand wash in hot soapy water, don’t tumble dry, and anyway they dry really fast.

  • Q: Where else can I get RocBloc?

    A: Currently RocBloc are available at www.rocbloc.net , The Athletes Foot Greensborough, Ivanhoe and plenty valley, and Grants of Sherbrooke forest

  • Q: Are these patterns of RocBloc always available?

    A: No, www.rocbloc.net will have an ever changing pattern gallery. After all variety is the spice of life. I will endeavor to keep black ones in stock for the more introverted runners amongst us.

  • A: One pair is $25 AUSD, this includes postage to anywhere in the world.

  • Q: Can I use my foot pod while wearing RocBloc?

    A: Yes indeed you can, far be it from RocBloc to hinder your exact mileage.

  • Q: How do I wear my RocBloc?

    A: Here’s a handy video that explains: